Enchanted : Movie Review

While it walks cautiously in the shadow of self-referential monstrosities like “Shrek,” Disney’s latest princess feature “Enchanted” is an amusing romp that plays more happily to the all-important four quadrant ideals than anything else the studio has released this year. However, it’s a charmer with severe reservations.

In the fairy tale land of Andalasia, Giselle (Amy Adams) is preparing for her wedding to Prince Edward (James Marsden), much to the chagrin of her soon-to-be stepmother, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon). In an effort to remove the future princess from the picture, Narissa pushes Giselle down a fountain where she magically ends up in New York City. Offering help to the bewildered Giselle is lawyer Rob (Patrick Dempsey), who can’t believe this unstoppably perky songstress is for real. When attempts by Narissa’s henchmen (Timothy Spall) to kill Giselle fail, the Queen heads down the fountain herself to finish the job, while Edward traipses around the city with a rodent pal vowing to save his fiancée.

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Author : brianorndorf