D-War : Movie Review

As a fan of the movies, there has always been one type of film that I have always loved. Sad to say, it is the “Monster” film. One of my first childhood movie memories was the 1956 Godzilla. I knew that it was a man in a rubber suit and, to be honest, I did not care. I have amassed a nice collection of the so called “Monster” films. On quiet, rainy days, I still warm up some popcorn and enjoy films from my childhood.

I had heard of “D-War” for many years now, and each time the film had a release date and then the date kept getting pushed back. I kept wondering will this film ever be released. As of today, this is the most expensive Korean Film ever made. With cost rumored to be between 30-100 million dollars, this could even be the biggest risk or failure in Korean film history.

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