I Know Who Killed Me : Movie Review

So it seems Lindsay Lohan’s career has come full circle. Once a promising ingénue brought up through the Disney factory, she is now jetting out looking for those adult roles that actresses find to shed that squeaky clean image. Only Lindsay has unfortunately made more headlines out of the movies than in and there’s little image left to be untainted. No sense in proving you’re a big girl now by playing a stripper when we’ve already seen enough crotch shots and nipslips in photos unbound by a no-nudity clause. But Lohan still has the edge over the Paris’ and Britney’s of the world by having a talent that a million drinks can’t take away; a proven one in films like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and even one as uneven as Georgia Rule. I Know Who Killed Me must have been a script chosen in one of those bouts of playing Space Invaders with the brain cells though. And not just by Lindsay, but everyone involved. To accurately describe it, you would actually think I was drunk. Just imagine the worst possible idea for a Parent Trap sequel that manages to combine elements of Stigmata, Dune, The Empire Strikes Back, The Corsican Brothers and Blue Man Group. Yeah, this is a serious “Holy Shit!” kind of movie.

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Author : Erik Childress