No Reservations : Movie Review

Amidst the action-adventure blockbusters and schlocky teen horror of summer, we always get, for better or worse, the requisite Hollywood warm-weather date movie. No Reservations may live up to its ancestry, and while that isn't saying a whole lot, it's still a relatively sweet, if predictable and overly slick, romance.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Kate, a control-freak chef so tightly wound it's a wonder she doesn't pop in the steam of her kitchen. Despite her position as reigning queen of the Manhattan foodie set, her killer West Village apartment, and the fact that she looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate is a sad sack; she does not really exist outside of her job and her employer-ordered therapy (Kate also has a temper, see, when anyone, customers included, question her perfection).

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Author : Anne Gilbert