You Can Count on Me : Movie Review

Sammy Prescott has her life in order. She works days at the local bank where her accommodating boss allows her flexible hours to collect her son, Rudy from school. She attends church regularly and has a good standing in the local community she's lived in all her life. Even her amiable boyfriend slots perfectly into her neat, little existence. The only kink in Sammy's otherwise perfect world is her only brother, Terry. Although close, they haven't seen each other in years and the postcards she receives from various exotic locations are sporadic to say the least.

Then a letter informing her of Terry's impending visit, coincides with a new & rather uptight manager replacing her old boss and Sammy's carefully constructed life is turned upside down. Terry couldn't be more different from his upstanding sister, he's a drifter; unreliable, free spirited & wilful. He takes Rudy to disreputable bars, forgets to pick him up from school, teaches him to lie to her and is disparaging of Sammy's small town existence. But his presence also forces to reassess her long held values and finally come to terms with their tempestuous relationship.