Mighty Heart, A : Movie Review

Most world renowned people have achieved that status as a result of something accomplished during their lives. Unfortunately, Daniel Pearl was among the few who became famous as a result of his death. Pearl's kidnapping and subsequent death at the hands of terrorists became a major media story during January and February 2002, as the United States was beginning to flex its muscles overseas in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks. A video leaked to the Internet showing Pearl's decapitation magnified the tragedy. A Mighty Heart, Michael Winterbottom's interpretation of the memoir written by Pearl's widow, Mariane, examines events of that one month period from the perspective of those who sought Daniel's release: his pregnant wife, his friends and colleagues at The Wall Street Journal, and the Pakistani security forces. The film is fascinating and at times disturbing, but Winterbottom's arms-length style mutes any emotional impact.

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