Alpha Dog DVD


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May 1, 2007 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Alpha Dog DVDYoung crime boss Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch) and his posse of bored, middle-class teenagers run drugs in the well-manicured streets of their suburban Los Angeles neighborhood. When errant client Jake (Ben Foster) runs up a bill he can’t pay, Johnny and his band of wannabe gangsters impulsively kidnap Jake’s 15-year-old brother, Zack (Anton Yelchin) and hold him for ransom. Over the next three days, Zack hangs out in a desert hideaway with crewmembers Frankie Ballenbacher (Justin Timberlake) and Elvis Schmidt (Shawn Hatosy) in a haze of drugs, drinking and girls. As the party winds down, the crew realizes the stunt that started as a lark could land them in prison for life. Seeing no way out of the mess he’s created, Johnny makes a tragic decision that changes all of their lives forever.


The Alpha Dog DVD and HD DVD/DVD Combo disc include captivating exclusive features.

A Cautionary Tale: The Making of Alpha Dog This exclusive documentary look takes viewers behind the scenes for an inside look at the making of the film.

Witness Timeline: Get detailed information on each witness as the shocking events unfold.

Exclusive to the HD DVD/DVD: U-Control Witness Timeline - Access detailed information about each witness as the story’s shocking events unfold, without interruption to the movie experience.