Get Over It : Movie Review

Get Over It, features Burke Landers, a regular high school guy, who is reintroduced to childhood sweetheart Alison. Rekindling their affection for each other, Burke and Alison become the hottest item in school that is until the inevitable dumping session ensues Feeling rejected and heartbroken, Burke pursues his quest to win back the girl of his dreams.

Burke signs up for the school musical production of A Mid Summer Night's Rockin' Eve in a pathetic attempt to win back Allison, who - along with her new boyfriend Striker - has landed one of the leading roles. Viscously mocked and jeered by over zealous drama teacher, Landers miraculously wins a small part, which enables him to make a fool out of himself, but keep an eye on his lost love. Burke's best friend's sister Kelly (Kirsten Dunst) coaches Burke through singing (if that's what you'd call it) techniques and helps him kindly through his pain and suffering. After spending countless hours rehearsing and joking Lander's fails to see what lies before his eyes…Kelly is in love with him, but feels defiant at the prospect of ever reaching her goal and bagging the man of her dreams, she is just not the girl of Burkes'

The combination of the school musical play of Shakespeare's love story and bouncy, lighthearted script, make Get Over It, a highly entertaining comedy.

Throughout the movie we face mystical, fantastical sequences of the dream world the heartfelt teenagers 'exists in. With ‘Ally McBeal’ style illusions and quirky musical outbursts, the flick transforms from teen tosh, into original brilliance!

Take Burke's sexually liberated parents who run their own sex advice show - Landers scorns them incessantly, showing the hilarity of extreme role reversal. Dr. Desmond Forrest Oates (Martin Short) proffers a comedic performance, drawing out the pathos and turbulence, present in the psyche of most drama tutor's! Underlying messages and metaphorical imagery suggests (undoubtedly) this movie is a rewritten version of Shakespeare's ‘A Mid Summer Night's Dream’.

In conclusion, after entering the movie theatre with not so great expectations, feeling bored at the prospect of enduring hours of yet another predictable teen flick, it was refreshing to be pleasantly surprised at the humor and crudeness of the movie - not an overload of pathetic American lovesick kids, babbling on endlessly about their traumatic teenage lives.

A good one to see for some light-hearted fun and a thrilling cast of young stars!

Author : Max Willis Of