About Adam : Interview With Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson's breakout success with Almost Famous (2000) did not make her lose interest in smaller movies like About Adam (2000). Hudson stars in the Irish romantic comedy as a Dublin waitress whose new sex-crazed boyfriend Adam falls for her whole family, literally. Hudson was less concerned about being two, or three or four timed in About Adam than mastering that Irish accent enough to fool the local Dubliners. She also talked about the enormous thrill of marrying her real life boyfriend, Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson.

What draws you to a smaller film like About Adam?

I think it's always important to do what you believe in, and to do what you're passionate about. You know, that keeps you excited. And you get to meet the most amazing people. Even at times when I couldn't get a job, I would drop things that I didn't believe in. And that has nothing to do with how much money is being put into a movie or not. So yeah.

How do you feel about Adam's behavior with women in this movie?

I think he's a pig! Personally, I think it's horrible. But I love that you can walk out of it thinking, what a cute movie. Because he's screwing a whole family. Well, some people don't find it cute and acceptable, and some people do. But the people who do, I think it's because the characters all learn something from Adam. They let go of something, because of him. Which is what the movie is all about, that family dynamic.

What about mastering that Irish accent for the movie?

It was really hard. The most difficult thing about the accent, is that I had never been to Ireland. I had only heard the accent in movies. But for some reason, all Americans think the Irish talk and sound like leprechauns,and they don't. And the Dublin accent is one of the most subtle and difficult Irish accents, it's very Americanized. So when the director, Gerard Stembridge told me not to roll my R's that much, I'd go why? Like I sound like an American. And he'd say, no you don't. But it clicked. One day it all clicks, and then it just rolls off your tongue. And my job for me, which made me happy, was to fool Irish people. And it was accomplished. I must say, out of this whole movie, I'm extremely proud of that. Because that's tough. They're tough people, I love them. They don't fool around. And a lot of people thought I was Irish. So I did it! I got it out of the way.

How did you figure out your character Lucy?

Well, we'd been shooting for three days, and I got this huge pimple. So the girls said, go to this place and get a facial. Then I went to this facial girl, and she was like eighteen. And she could not stop talking. Then it all came to me, this girl, she's Lucy, she's totally Lucy. She was like this perky thing. So that's how I found Lucy.

Say, that was not a bad pimple story at all! How did the About Adam (2000) experience compare to Almost Famous (2000)?

I loved Almost Famous (2000) so much that, to me, everything I did was for Cam. I love him so much. He is the most amazing man, and I believe in his vision as a director. So every day, I just wanted to make him happy. And for this to come out and all this attention toward the character with my Oscar nomination, for me, it's my way of saying to Cameron, thank you for allowing me to have that experience, and this is my gift to you. I was there because of you.

How big a disappointment was it for you to lose at the Oscars?

Hey, I got to wear a pretty dress! But what's grounding for me, is just to know that what we all do in my family, we do because we love it, not because of the attention you get from it. Because that can be not so much fun sometimes. And I've been pretty adamant about that.

How did your family react?

My family and I, we don't really talk about Hollywood much. So they don't give me advice, or things like that. We're very family oriented family. We have better things to talk about than what goes on in our work lives, do you know what I mean?

But the calmest part for me is knowing that to be so young and to be among all these accomplished actors, that's just an honor in itself. And also, acting is such a strange business. Because it is very self-inundating. You can become extremely self-important. And that's not who we are at all. So with my parents, it's their job. But their real job was to be parents to us.

What's it like to have a great mom like Goldie?

My mother is such an amazing mother, and a talented actress. She is so incredible at whatever she does, and I admire her so much.

How does it feel to be the current It Girl?

What does that mean? It doesn't mean anything to me, because there have been so many It Girls who were talented. I don't take myself so seriously, I don't feel that. I don't wake up in the morning and feel like an It Girl. I feel like the girl I always was. My celebrity is nowhere near as important as people think it is. I think the problem today is that people are too self-important. They can't sit down at a table and really and truly engage with others,because people force them to be separated. The art of acting is about people, and for me the greatest lesson I've ever had has been being a people person. And observing, talking, being communicative and embracing all forms of life. So the whole It Girl thing to me, honestly? That holds no importance to me. It's because I love what I do, not what it is. So that kind of thing is so annoying.

So exactly how much fun are you having right now?

Oh, I'm having so much fun. It's been such a blast, it's been wild. I don't know how else to explain it. Actually, this whole year has been amazing. I mean, between meeting my husband, and all this stuff that's come along with Almost Famous (2000), it's just the greatest feeling, it really is.

How does it feel being married?

Amazing! I'm young, but it's so much fun. And it truly is. When I met Chris, we just knew. Like we were already married when we weren't married. And so when we decided to get married, it was something that we felt we wanted to do. We also wanted to bring our families together. You know, to sort of state what it is we truly feel about each other in front of our friends and family. So that was the most important thing.

And it really, truly was the most incredible day. It was so emotional and moving for everybody, in every way. It was like a going away party for me, almost. And I think it was real interesting for my parents to hear our vows. Because it brought a lot of things to light about what our relationship means to us. Which is something that was important for us to share in front of everybody.

So that's what our wedding day meant to us. And it just gets better every day. I truly feel like he's my soul mate. He's intellectually stimulating, physically stimulating, everything about him. It's amazing. And I hope it doesn't change. And it won't.

Were you a big fan of the Black Crowes?

Ooh yeah, baby! I was always a big Black Crowes fan. But see, now that I'm married, I can say it. You know, before, when I just met him, I would be like, well I don't know. Yeah, I loved his music. As a matter of fact, when I was twelve, I would dance to their music, and cry my eyes out while I was dancing. I love the Black Crowes, I still do!