Sixty Six : win tickets to the UK Premiere of Sixty-Six

It is the summer of '66, and England is about to be consumed by World Cup Fever. For 12 year-old Bernie though, the biggest day of his life is looming: his Bar Mitzvah, and the day he becomes a man. However, Bernie's family are increasingly distracted by the threat of losing their business and their wayward older son, and the scale of Bernie's Bar Mitzvah diminishes daily. Worst of all the Cup Final is scheduled to take place on the same day and when England makes it through the qualifying rounds, Bernie's longed-for Bar Mitzvah looks set to be a complete disaster…

Sixty Six (2006) - Movie PosterWe are giving you the chance to win tickets to the UK Premiere of Sixty-Six at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London on Monday 23rd October courtesy of UIP/Universal. Doors open at 6.15pm, 7.00pm Dress Code: Smart/Casual. (c)2006 Universal Studios. All rights reserved