Material Girls : Movie Review

In recent interviews, teen superstar Hilary Duff has mentioned that she has been offered more mature film roles "pregnant girls with crack habits," as she describes but has opted to turn them down. Her reasoning is that there is plenty of time to grow into those types of adult-oriented parts, and it would be a betrayal to her teen and preteen fanbase who look up to her as a positive role model. I've got news for Hilary: she's not going to be a teenager forever, her fans will eventually outgrow her, and starring in trite, empty-headed garbage like "Material Girls" is far more insulting to her prospective young audience than taking on an edgy indie flick that just might be able to show her range as an actor. If the 18-year-old Duff doesn't start choosing her projects more carefully, her movie career could be dried up by the time she's legally old enough to drink.

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Author : Dustin Putman