Basic Instinct 2 : Movie Review

Who would have imagined that the most appropriate word to describe Basic Instinct 2 would be "boring?" This plodding, pretentious follow-up to 1992's hit replaces Paul Verhoeven's lurid, over-the-top style with the leaden rhythms of Michael Caton-Jones (Rob Roy), a director who doesn't have a clue what a Basic Instinct movie should be about. By emerging from the niche in the exploitation genre carved out by the original, Caton-Jones has rendered the material inert. It's nearly impossible to endure the two hours that comprise Basic Instinct 2's running length not because it's dumb (although it is) and not because it's poorly acted (which it also is), but because it's lifeless. For anyone not jacked up on caffeine (minimum of two cups of strong coffee required), this is a guaranteed sleep-inducer.

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Author : James Berardinelli