Aquamarine : Movie Review

It's not a stretch to say that I am not a member of Aquamarine's target demographic. It's a good bet that about 90% of the film's viewers will be girls between the ages of 8 and 14. I'm sure the movie works better for them than it did for me. Still, all things considered, I have to admit that sitting through Aquamarine was not the most unpleasant recent cinematic experience I have had. The plot - a cliché-riddled, modern day amalgamation of two fairy tales ("The Little Mermaid" and "Cinderella") - won't win points for originality, but the screenplay includes some snappy dialogue, smart observations, and an uplifting message about the importance of friendship. And, although there are a fair number of stock characters, including the bitchy bitch and the studly stud, the protagonists are likable and nicely rounded. The problem faced by 20th Century Fox is selling the movie.

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