Hostel : Movie Review

Hostel (2005)2006 gets off to a gruesome start with Hostel, Eli Roth's blood-splattered follow-up to his 2003 sleeper hit, Cabin Fever. Heavy on the gore but light on bona-fide scares, this reasonably well-directed piece of schlock is yet another horror flick about sadists preying upon clueless twentysomethings—in this case, three horndog buddies backpacking across Europe. Although Roth has a flair for creating an atmosphere of nightmarish dread, he's far less adept at developing sympathetic characters who talk in anything but "dude-speak." Of course, Hostel's target audience won't care one whit about such failings, once the extremely graphic torture scenes begin. But if explicit bloodletting's not your idea of quality entertainment, this picture will only succeed at turning your stomach.

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