Weather Man, The : Movie Review

Weather Man, The (2005) - Movie PosterThe immediate forecast for Gore Verbinski’s profound adult drama The Weather Man calls for intense downpours of self-loathing and perpetually overcast feelings of inadequacy. Luckily, that initial dreary period should give way to a bright and sunny future once positive word of mouth spreads on this intensely moving film.

The title refers to Dave Spritz (Nicolas Cage), chief weather forecaster for Chicago’s most popular morning news program. Despite his high-profile position – and self-described light work week – life tends to maneuver against Spritz when he’s away from the office. He’s divorced, and all attempts to reconcile with his spouse (Hope Davis) are hitting dead ends. His listless and overweight daughter Shelly (Gemmenne de la Peña) earns a cruel nickname at school because her clothes are too tight. His son Mike (Nicholas Hoult) abuses marijuana, then fends off advances from his drug counselor, a sexual predator.

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Author : Sean O'Connell