When Santiago Munez crossed the Mexican border into America at the age of 10, he had two things in his possession: his soccer ball and a tattered picture of the World Cup. Working menial jobs while growing up in Los Angeles, Santiago's passion was playing soccer. Convincing his father that he could be an international football star was another story.

But when Brit Glen Foy, an amiable former football player and sometime scout spots Santiago at a local match, he recognizes a deft, fast and brave footballer-the kind of talent that the English Premiere League Club, Newcastle United, is hungry for. Now thrust into a foreign land where football is a religion and Newcastle's St. James Park its cathedral, this young Latin American must prove that he's got the grit and the game to win a contract with one of the most beloved football clubs in the world.

Muddy fields, cold winds and crunching blows from teammates-not to mention personal woes, injuries, and the temptations of life as an international footballer-are just a few of the obstacles Santiago must overcome to reach his ultimate "Goal."

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