Into the Blue : Movie Review

Into the Blue (2005) - Movie PosterOn some level, I feel that I should have been able to enjoy Into the Blue. It has all the elements one would expect from a "so bad it's good" feature: cheesy dialogue, a script that could have been written by two chimpanzees, acting that would make a high school drama teacher cringe, and lots of tight female bodies poured into tiny bikinis. Despite all of that, however, I found Into the Blue to be a real trial, although it appears to have a weird ability to suspend time. Every time I checked my watch, the hands seemed to be in the same place. Director John Stockwell, who has a fetish for movies with "blue" in the title (he also was in charge of Blue Crush), may not have found a formula for entertainment, but he has discovered a means to slow time. That would be a good thing if Into the Blue was less tedious.

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Author : James Berardinelli