Hole, The : Movie Review

The Hole's intriguing start promises an interesting and scary movie, but fails to fulfill any great expectations. Eminent ideas, brilliant cast, but too many loose ends!
There are holes (excuse the pun) in the plot, sub-storylines undeveloped.

A group of four school teenagers attending boarding school are intent on avoiding the annual Geography field trip. A social misfit Liz (Thora Birch), a beautiful socialite Frankie (Keira Knightley), Geoff a posh rugby player (Laurence Fox) and the son of an American pop-star, Mike (Desmond Harrington) are offered a place of hiding by Liz's weird geeky friend Martin, whose obsession with Liz is listed with his other weirdo traits. The procured retreat is an old war shelter deep underground. The outside key bearer is the only means of escape! Despite their fears the spirited teenagers enter the silent sanctuary for what they foresee as a wicked weekend away. No parents, no teachers and plenty of alcohol!

From this point onwards their fate is doomed. Nobody comes back for them, no one hears them screaming.

Following a massive hunt for the four missing students, Liz emerges from the hole alive, but violently traumatized, adorned with blood and bruises.
Contradicting accounts of events are depicted hereon by suffering Liz and suspected offender Martin. Liz is mostly unable to recollect any sequence of eventualities, so returns to 'the hole' for the answers…

The film endures a sinister undertone, grimacing images and violence, but may not be what you're expecting (probably a good thing). There are no knives or guns, just death by dying, displaying the deterioration of a person as they are starved of food and water.

If the ending was as good as he start, The Hole would be an undisputed brilliant movie, but conclusively, the inconsistency of events, attributed with an abrupt ending may leave you feeling that you need to venture into 'the hole' for your unanswered questions!

Author : Max Willis Of Cinema.com