Douglas Gresham Narnia Interview

NarniaWeb had a chance to ask Douglas Gresham some of our burning questions about the upcoming film The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He was very gracious and here’s our interview.

NarniaWeb: What were your duties as a co-producer on the film?

Douglas Gresham: One of our producers on set one day was introducing me to someone who asked "What does he do on this project?" His reply was "He’s to blame". (laughs) Actually I am responsible for consultation on all aspects of the production as a sort of in house Narnia expert. This extends to all spin-off materials, like toys, games, books and so forth. I work with the games guys from the companies contracted to Buena Vista, the Merchandising guys from Disney, the Publishing teams at HarperCollins and represent the C.S. Lewis Company as their Creative and Artistic Director. Making the movie has been a dearly held ambition and project for me for about thirty years (my children remember me dreaming, scheming, planning, and talking about it all their lives) so every aspect of it is important to me. I suppose I represent Jack C.S. Lewis himself as a sort of creative ambassador. The aim of this is to use my abilities, knowledge and experience to make this movie as good as we can possibly make it.

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