White Fang : Movie Review

Jack Conroy (Ethan Hawke) a naïve boy is set on an adventure to Alaska during the Alaskan gold rush. He was destined to find gold at his late fathers claim. He finds Alex (Klaus Maria Brandauer), who was his father’s partner. After hours of negotiation, Alex decides to take Jack to his father claim. After long months of hard determination the expedition becomes a disaster by a couple of mishaps throughout the search for gold. One of Alex’s friends, Striker dies during the rush to find gold in the Alaskan region. When they need supplies they set sail to the city to get supplies. Halfway through their journey they have to make an emergency stop at one of Alex’s friends, Grey Beaver (Pius Savage). It was there that Jack Conroy found his new companion, “White Fang”.

I give this story three stars out of five. The camera angles were very effective and the music fitted the scenes very appropriately. The director (Randal Kleiser) conveys a positive view of wolves and that there is the other side to wolves. This movie lost two stars because of the poor layout. The ending was too sharp and quick. I felt that they could’ve drawn it out a bit more. It was also very predictable. The dialogue was very unclear and it was very hard to work out what they are saying. This movie is suitable for all ages, but I believe that it would be a bit confusing for young children.

Author : Josh Dolgoy