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What was your inspiration for the film?
Angela Robinson: I met this girl in film school who told me a story of how she was recruited by the CIA from a secret test on the SAT. She totally had me going. I totally believed her and then everyone told me that she was lying and that it didn’t happen. But the story stuck with me, and I always thought it would be a great premise for a movie. I drew a little comic book, and drew one called D.E.B.S. and made up all these characters. I basically created a list of things for each character – Dominique is sexy in a French way, Amy is sexy in an uptight way, and so on. That’s what ultimately became D.E.B.S.

D.E.B.S. (2004)Why should people see DEBS in theaters on March 25?
Sara Foster: It is an hour and a half to go hear some music, look at cute girls, watch a little bit of butt-kicking, watch a little bit of a love story and laugh. It is a fun movie!

Jill Ritchie: Why not? Look at that (referring to the poster). Come on. But there’s a lot beyond the poster. It’s a really fun story.

Meagan: Plus there are a lot of life lessons, like small undertones within each character. They’re actually really important life lessons that are put in such a simple way, not like shoved down your throat. That way, you can really appreciate it.

What is it like to work with an almost all female cast?
Angela: This has been a labor of love for so long. It was so fun to write these characters, see the cast come together and take it to another level because they were all so amazing in their particular roles.

Devon Aoki: It was great, especially with the group of girls. I had been friends with Jordana and Sara beforehand. So when I found out they were doing it, I was super excited.

Sara: No one believes it, but there was zero fighting. None at all.

Jordana Brewster: I was just saying to Sara that oddly enough the biggest divas we were working with have been the guys. There really were no problems on the set, it was fun. We’re all close in age, we’re all really different, different background, and different personalities so it worked out well.

D.E.B.S. (2004)What is it like to play a secret agent?
Meagan: Shooting guns, action, running around in teeny tiny skirts, and beating boys up. It was just a lot of fun.

Devon: When I was younger I would do little things and spy on my parents. This is the closest I will ever get to that.

Jill: As a little girl you look at Wonder Woman, Charlie’s Angels and all of that.

Meagan: You’re just like, “I want to do that one day.”

Sara: What girl wouldn’t want to be in a film where she gets to be a kick-ass cute girl? It is fun and it is nothing like me, so it is fun to have a month where you dress up, learn how to fire a gun and throw a couple of punches also. It was pretty cool.

Jordana, did you have fun playing a villain?
Jordana: I loved playing the villain. I was so scared playing the villain at first. I thought I can’t do it; I’m weird, and I am shy. Angela was like, “No, you’re the guy who takes her out on a date, is really aggressive and is a rock star.” And I was like, “I get it!” and I played it that way. Lucy doesn’t have one iota of insecurity, she has vulnerability, but she’s not full of that BS adolescent girl stuff that I was plagued with when I was a teenager. So it was so refreshing.

Sara: No, you’re nothing like her. You did an amazing job being that tough. You took control.

Jordana: I didn’t want to overcompensate and be too tough because that would be really annoying. I tried to strike a balance.

D.E.B.S. (2004)Was it hard to do the action sequence in that tiny little skirt?
Jill: No, I didn’t find it to be hard and my skirt was the longest. So I didn’t have to worry about it like Meagan and Devon.

Devon: Fortunately no one gets to see them, but I wore a pair of shorts under the skirt. So obviously when I do a high kick it is not problematic. It was fine.

Meagan: I had the little briefs underneath also, so it was okay.

Jill: Sometimes you just forget that you are in the uniforms. When you’re really getting into it and then all of a sudden they’re like cut.

Meagan: And then it is like, oh my gosh.

Sara: I was definitely paranoid in the skirt. Am I in, am I in, am I out? I was nervous about it, but after the second week it was normal, and I was in a mini-skirt running around. I don’t wear skirts in my life, especially short skirts, and I had to shave my legs every day.

Jordana: Which is weird since she has stilts for legs.

What were your favorite aspects about your characters?
Jill: I really like that she is so innocent and vulnerable.

Jordana: Confidence for Lucy.

Sara: The vulnerability of my character. It’s very hard for me to be vulnerable.

Meagan: I liked that in the end, she realizes that the most important thing was for her best friend to be happy, whatever that was for her. Stop focusing on what she thought was best for her and let her do her thing and genuinely is happy for her.

Devon: Dominique is this evanescent, crazy character and she has her own nuances. She is really unique and so playing her was awesome. Plus the French accent was the icing on the cake.

D.E.B.S. (2004)Devon, did you help come up with Dominique’s “Frenglish” yourself?
Devon: Yes, sometimes we worked on it together.

Angela: Devon came up with all sorts of stuff. We would always write in stuff for her that she would generate.

Meagan, are you as tough as Max?
Meagan: A different kind of tough.

Jill, did you bring home a box full of cardigans after the shoot?
Jill: No I didn’t get to keep the cardigan, but I do have a couple myself at home. So it was ok.

Did you girls have to do anything to prepare for your kissing scene together?
Sara: Gum.

Jordana: Wine coolers, I shouldn’t say that. Haha.

Sara: Gum and wine coolers. It’s fine we’re over 21.

Jordana: I feel so dorky saying that.

Sara: We had two love-scene-kind of things. The first time we had a couple wine coolers because we were a little nervous. The second time we just jumped right into it and no alcohol was involved.

What would you want teenage girls to take away from this film?
Jordana: Be yourself, take risks, and be open.

Jill: I think ultimately for Lucy and Amy, especially for Amy because she has to face disappointing a lot of people and coming forth with who she really is, what she really wants and eventually she gets there. In the end of the film we all support it and all of us make a turn. So take that into life, don’t worry about what others think and eventually they will come around if they’re true to themselves.

Meagan: And if they’re truly your friends and if they truly love you, then they will come around.

Sara: I think these are definitely girls to look up to.

Angela: This film is really about following your heart and being who you really are. I think that is a really positive message.

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