Are We There Yet? : Movie Review

Are We There Yet? (2005)Watching Ice Cube in Are We There Yet?, I developed a new admiration for him. He’s disarming and affable, and has a mischievous smile that let’s us know he’s having fun the whole time. But try as he may, Cube can’t save this movie, in which he also served as a producer. That would be like emptying a flood area by using thimbles.

The awfulness of this movie is boundless. The scatological humor in the movie is already legendary, offering the big three: farting, peeing, and puking. The underage heroes are so reprehensible, I was nearly overcome with joy when they discovered their beloved father with another woman. Cube’s character seeks counsel from a talking Satchel Paige bobble head, which is, well… adjectives fail me.

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Author : Pete Croatto