Ocean's Twelve : Movie Review

Oceanís Twelve (2004)Pleasantness and affability reign supreme in Steven Soderbergh's sequel to the remake of Ocean's Eleven. This time around, even the bad guys don't seem so bad. Rumor has it that the atmosphere on the set of Ocean's Twelve was so easy-going that it was more like summer camp than a movie shoot, and much of the sense of fun comes across on screen. Everyone who survived the first film is back for the second, including the entire complement of "Ocean's Eleven." There are two high-profile newcomers. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Europol agent Isabel Lahiri, an ex-flame of Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt), who is the confidante of Danny Ocean (George Clooney). The there's Vincent Cassel, who portrays "The Night Fox," a rival thief who believes that Ocean's reputation is inflated - a fact he intends to prove by challenging his rival to a thieving competition.

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Author : James Berardinelli