Ed VS Spencer

Ed Vs SpencerWhether it's a kick-about at the park, darts down the pub or playing
late-night cards, nothing beats the feeling of crushing your friends to
a pulp, putting their egos firmly back in the box and forcing them to
acknowledge that you are the superior being.

Ed Leigh and Spencer Claridge are two fiercely competitive mates who
take this principle to the extreme. Each week in Ed vs Spencer, the duo
use their cunning, guile, and sometimes brute force to compete against
each other in outrageous and entertaining challenges, with the sole
purpose of seeking satisfaction in the ritual humiliation of the loser.

The pair hit the headlines earlier this summer when a mystery man
handcuffed himself to Big Brother contestant Vanessa Nimmo at a London
party. It was in fact Ed, part of his master plan to be victorious in
the challenge: Who can become the most famous? Ed will stop at nothing
to annoy, irritate and undermine the more honourable Spencer. He takes
immeasurable pleasure in winding his best mate up as they battle it out
for bragging rights.

A diet with a difference is the first mission for the friends: Who can
put the most weight on in a week? Forget the outrage of the doctors; if
an inflated waistline allows for an inflated ego, it's worth it for Ed
and Spencer. Other challenges the troublesome twosome battle it out at

- Who can stay handcuffed to one another the longest?

- Who can get the most women to fancy them?

- Who can survive a night in the woods?

- Who can win a fight?

- Who can make the best porn film?

- Who can get the sickest?

- Who do kids like the most?

In each of the nine episodes the duo fight out a new challenge, and they
have a week to out manoeuvre the other. We witness their testosterone
fuelled antics as they look to be top dog. Ed and Spencer are typical
examples of the male species, they have more fun if they can inflict
pain and ridicule on each other in the process of the challenge. By the
end of each episode one of them is all-conquering, whilst the other is
left humbled and humiliated and subject to a shocking forfeit.

Male pride is a precious thing, so friendship counts for nothing in this
clever, crazy, contest. Ed and Spencer will stop at nothing in their
quest to humiliate each other.

Ed vs Spencer can be seen exclusively on Sky One from 10.00 pm on
Wednesday 24 November.


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