Wimbledon : Movie Review

Wimbledon (2004) - Movie PosterUnless you play the sport, tennis ranks right up there with golf as one of the most boring sports to watch on television. And with a few minor exceptions, the same can be said about these sports’ big screen counterparts. Anticipating that Wimbledon would serve up little more than a predictable romantic comedy, I hoped the film’s setting would provide a few more aces than foot faults to compensate. Much to my surprise, Wimbledon exceeds meager expectations.

As the world’s 119th ranked player, a tired Peter Colt (Paul Bettany) has long been the doormat for the younger, flashier players on the professional tennis circuit. But when Peter gets an unexpected wild-card invite to play at Wimbledon, few give him any chance of making it out of the first round including himself and his brother who wagers against him with a local bookie.

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Author : David Levine