Wicker Park : Interviews and Clips

Wicker Park (2004) - Movie PosterJosh Hartnett's got an enviable life: the high-powered job, the great fiancee, all he ever wanted. But one day in a café, he catches sight of a woman he believes to be his long lost love. He trails her, putting the rest of his life aside in an attempt to get next to her. But his life won't sit idly by, and the path she's on starts to look a bit dangerous.

Diane Kruger Interview

Clip - 'Whose Scarf?'

Clip - 'What's Going On? '

Clip - 'So Who Is She? '

Clip - 'Where Does A Nice Guy Sleep? '

Clip - 'Will You Move In With Me? '

Clip - 'What Do You Think, Alex?'