Hellboy : Movie Review

Hellboy (2004)It’s always refreshing to watch a film with an unconventional hero. And Hellboy is certainly that. Perlman, relishing the opportunity to be the leading man whilst also having some fun, plays it completely tongue-in-cheek. All ill tempered yet cool, chomping on a ridiculously large cigar that’s only rivalled by the size of his gun.

But Perlman gives Big Red a softer side too. He’s equally convincing as brooding, insecure, lovesick Hellboy as he is as volatile half-demon monster hunter. It’s an unusual combination but it makes this superhero more human than most.

Writer-director Guillermo Del Toro is occasionally guilty of allowing the material to venture into territory that is a little dark but his direction is confident and generally impressive.

Unfortunately the plot is fractured and ineffectual. Laboured, largely unnecessary, narrative scenes frequently slow the pace and the supporting characters, no doubt at the cost of a well-rounded Hellboy, are underdeveloped. Even worse are the monsters; horrendous CGI-heavy squid-fish things, similar to the graboids from the 80s shit-flick-franchise Tremors.

Considering Perlman’s fine performance it’d be unfair to dismiss this film with a facetious comment along the lines of “boy, was this film hell” but if you do hear it said, don’t be too surprised.

2.5 stars out of 5

Author : Kevin Stanley