Wimbledon : Paul Bettany Interview

In the tradition of their hit romantic comedies Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’s Diary, Working Title Films’ Wimbledon is a sweet and funny tale of romance across the net of one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events.

Britain’s Peter Colt (PAUL BETTANY) has never quite lived up to his dreams of tennis stardom. Once ranked as high as number 11 in the world, the journeyman veteran has watched his number slip to 119 as his confidence on the court slowly ebbs away. Now, on the eve of his leaving the world of professional tennis, he’s granted a wild card, allowing him to play his final Wimbledon tournament…make that his final tournament ever. At one time having faced some of the best players in the world, Peter Colt is now about to face voluntary retirement, a job at a club and a bevy of aging women awaiting tennis instruction in between facials and afternoon drinks.

American Lizzie Bradbury (KIRSTEN DUNST), the rising star/bad girl of the international tennis set, is the promising new hotshot playing at her first Wimbledon. Focused, driven and pushed to a level of superlative playing by her equally driven, overprotective coach and father, Dennis (SAM NEILL), Lizzie lets nothing get in her way of the win—not a bad call, not an unexpected return and certainly not a short-lived romance with fellow rising American champ Jake Hammond (AUSTIN NICHOLS). Lizzie’s career trajectory is set to be the best female tennis player in the world, a Grand Slam champ. No other dream will do…and the Wimbledon trophy would be a great place to start.

Peter’s plans of quiet retirement are put on hold after he arrives at the hallowed courts of The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s Wimbledon Championships. There, after a chance meeting with Lizzie that sparks into an affair, he achieves the unthinkable and wins his first match. Fueled by a mixture of his newfound luck, love and on-court prowess, Peter continues his winning streak, gradually working his way up the ranks while the sport and its fans re-embrace this faded and now refurbished star.

The not-so-young Brit finds that the world indeed loves a winner—and none more so than his usually absent agent, Ron Roth (JON FAVREAU)—and he begins to appreciate the long-forgotten taste of victory. For herself, Lizzie soon finds that her penchant for tournament flings may be at an end when she does the unthinkable and begins to fall for this British used-to-be loser with the heart of a winner.

Now if Peter’s (and Lizzie’s) luck can just hold out…

Paul Bettany Interview

Paul Bettany Interview, WMP, Small

Paul Bettany Interview, WMP, Medium

Paul Bettany Interview, Real Player, Small

Paul Bettany Interview, Real Player, Medium

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