Catwoman : Movie Review

Catwoman (2004)Following a string of impressive comic-book superhero films it was inevitable that we would have to suffer some bad ones. Catwoman fails to fall on its feet and ends up in the kitty-litter latter cat-egory.

Halle Berry does turn on the feminine charm and wears a skimpy leather outfit. But she also spends most of the film wide-eyed and crazy looking with a love of fish. To be honest she looks like a poor version of Jennifer Garner’s Electra from Daredevil.

The plot is a familiar one yet it’s underdeveloped and some of the supporting performances, from Sharon Stone in particular, are terrible.

Unfortunately it’s just all too obvious that the strangely mononymous French director Pitof has set out to make a film that is as sensual an experience as possible, within the boundaries of a 12a rating, in an effort to squeeze as much money out of the teenage market as possible.

Still perhaps the worst element of Catwoman is the visual effects that have all the charm of a cheap computer game. I had similar reservations over the cinematography and editing. They’re obviously influenced by Pitof’s music video background, but whilst wild pop videos often have completely hyperactive camerawork films normally don’t and Catwoman is testimony as to why. It might have worked in the Spider-man films but Pitof is unfortunately no Sam Raimi.

So if you’re 15 years old with a feline fetish you’re going to love all the shots of Berry’s swaying hips and ass. But personally I got bored fairly quickly and had a little catnap.

1 star out of 5

Author : Kevin Stanley