I, Robot: Volume 1

I,Robot pack  shotI, Robot: Volume One contains the first five stories from the original book written by Isaac Asimov and they are the basis of a brand new major feature film starring Will Smith.

Both humorous and suspenseful in tone, they follow the progress of robot technology in the 21st century. Isaac Asimov's collection of short stories explores the human condition and our changing understanding of it, vis--vis the robot. Each is linked by the reminisces of Susan Calvin, robo-psychologist with US Robot and Mechanical Men, Inc.

On one level ‘I, Robot’ is an examination of the social pessimism and anxiety that holds back potentially beneficial advances. A timeless classic, it has profound insights for our times, charting the trials and tribulations of the robots of tomorrow, which strangely resonate with the problems of today’s society.

We are delighted now to be able to offer this collection of timeless and gripping science fiction stories in this 4 disc CD set. Read here by Garrick Hagon (whose sci-fi film exploits include Star Wars, Batman, Doctor Who and Cambridge Spies), this collection provides an intriguing introduction to the ‘I, Robot’ phenomenon and a tantalising taster of the thrills set to hit the big screen with the blockbuster movie this summer.

Release Date: 02 August 2004
Duration: 4 hours 15 mins
RRP: 15.99 (4 disc set)

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