Bourne Supremacy, The : Movie Review

Bourne Supremacy, The (2004)Attention all adventure-starved, action-crazed moviegoers: kennel the cat, wreck the robot, and step on that spider. This summer’s best action hero is not Catwoman, Spider-Man, or a CGI robot it’s just a dude named Jason Bourne!

Matt Damon is back to reprise his role from the widely popular The Bourne Identity as Bourne a former CIA operative trying to regain his memory. Again, he must determine why the world wants him dead. Based on the second novel from Robert Ludlum’s series, The Bourne Supremacy begins in India where Bourne and his girlfriend Marie (Franka Potenta) are living a new life off the radar. Bourne continues to deal with a series of disjointed nightmares that offer vague pieces of a prior life he does not remember.

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Author : David Levine