Thunderbirds : DVD box set release

Thunderbirds box set image

DVD release of Thunderbirds International Rescue Edition. The box set includes Thunderbirds Are Go! And Thunderbirds 6, two feature length adventures from the hit British 1960s television series. Creator Gerry Anderson developed a puppetry technique called "supermarionation" to chronicle the many adventures of the Tracy family as they battle an international ring of terrorists who target the International Rescue for destruction.

The DVD set will be available on July 20

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Thunderbirds 6, QuickTime, Small

Thunderbirds 6,QuickTime, Medium

Thunderbirds 6, QuickTime, Large

Thunderbirds 6, Real Player, Small

Thunderbirds 6, Real Player, Medium

Thunderbirds 6, Real Player, Large

Thunderbirds 6, WMP, Small

Thunderbirds 6, WMP, Medium

Thunderbirds 6, WMP, Large