Spider-Man 2 : Movie Review

Spider-Man 2 (2004)Spider-Man 2 has all the elements of a good, but not great, superhero motion picture. While lacking the tragic grandeur that made last year's Hulk such a unique experience, Spider-Man 2 fills the void with solid character development, self-referential humor, effects-enhanced action, and (unfortunately) talky pop psychology. A worthy sequel to the 2002 blockbuster, Spider-Man 2 will deposit fans somewhere on the satisfaction spectrum between quietly pleased and overjoyed. Although not as economical with its scenes as the first Spider-Man, this film nevertheless advances the leftover threads from its predecessor, tells its own self-contained tale, and dangles enough bait to hint at where Spider-Man 3 will be heading.

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Maguire, Dunst and Molina Interview

Maguire, Dunst and Molina Interview, WMP, Small

Maguire, Dunst and Molina Interview, WMP, Medium

Maguire, Dunst and Molina Interview, WMP, Largel

Author : James Berardinelli