Road Trip : Movie Review

Movie PosterIf you found American Pie (1999) and There's Something About Mary (1998) funny, then you will almost certainly laugh out loud at Road Trip (2000).

Road Trip follows the college "rites de passage" formula that has been a tried and tested for decades. From Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) to American Pie (1999) the genre has always been a winner, Road Trip doesn't disappoint. Although throughout the film, I often had the feeling that I had seen it all somewhere before.

The story is narrated by mice masochist, Barry Manilow (Tom Green), who is extremely funny as the Ithaca University tour guide. When the prospective students he is guiding become disinterested in his obvious lack of knowledge of the campus (although he is in his 8th year at the school) he tells them his story about how four guys ended up on a 1800 mile Road Trip from New York to Texas.

Breckin Meyer plays Josh Porter who has been dating his childhood sweetheart Tiffany Henderson (Rachel Blanchard) "like forever". When Josh and Tiffany move to colleges miles way from each other they pledge to always be true, after a few weeks of talking on the phone everyday, Tiffany is suddenly very quiet. Josh's roommate E.L (Seann William Scott) decides that for Josh "the window of opportunity to meet women and do drugs is becoming smaller" so they are going to party and Josh must meet new women.

At the party E.L is auctioning off dates with girls from the campus and too save Beth (Amy Smart), the hottest girl in college from a psycho geek, Josh raises the stake and wins an evening in the pleasure of Beth's company.

After a night of intimately getting to know Beth and with the evidence preserved on videotape, Josh and the guys settle in to watch the homemade movie. Josh is shocked to find out his buddies have accidentally mailed the BETH TAPE to Tiffany instead of the pre recorded slushy romantic message intended for her.

Then Josh finds out Tiffany has been quiet because her grandfather has died - The guys have a matter of days to reach Texas before Tiffany arrives home from the funeral and sees Josh's infidelity for herself on video tape.

Let the Road Trip commence - After "borrowing" local geek Kyle's father's car, Kyle, Josh, Rubin and E.L set off across the United States to accomplish their mission -to retrieve the video tape.

Along the way the guys encounter some problems, often with hilarious consequences.

The journey itself takes the usual twists and turns using many of the genres clichés, the highlights include Kyle losing his virginity "with a real human" in the very large shape of Rhoda from the black Frat house the boys blag themselves into in Tennessee. They blow up Kyle's dads car jumping a bridge, Steal a bus from a blind school, E.L has an encounter with a gorgeous nurse at the sperm bank and Beth goes to Boston University on Barry's misinformation. This all culminates in a fight in the lobby at the University of Texas, and makes for a very funny if not a little predictable narrative.

Road trip then is very funny American "teen flick" with a simple plot, which can be predicted from the onset. The great thing about Road Trip though is that it does not try to be anything else. The cast is very strong and there are some good performances from Breckin Meyer and Seann William Scott. Tom Green is also excellent as the completely mad narrator of the story - Road Trip then, well worth 93 minutes of your time.

Author : Carmen Cheetham