Kill Bill: Vol. 2 : Interviews

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)Tarantino's Vol. 1 wowed moviegoers in October 2003 with bloody gore so plentiful, audiences had to shower afterward. What's in store for us this weekend as Vol. 2 splatters across screens from sea to shining sea? Watch the new trailer and clips below for a sneak, then refresh your memory with clips from Vol. 1. Watch the interviews with Tarantino and his leading ladies below for more insight.

In case you missed it: Uma Thurman played the Bride, newly awoken from a coma brought on by a bullet fired into her brain on her wedding day—a gift from her old employer, Bill. She got some revenge out of the way in Vol. 1 and returns in Vol. 2 to finish the job.

Interview trailer '9 Minutes with Tarantino'

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