Meet the Parents : Movie Review

Meet the Parents (2000) - Movie PosterIf you're expecting a twisty plot with subliminal messages galore, thrown in with a few predictable funnies, you'll probably be disappointed. Meet The Parents, personifies adult slapstick humor to the max - so sit back and prepare to split your sides!

Wasting no time, Greg (Ben Stiller) is desperate to marry girlfriend Pam (though she has no idea). Pam suggests a weekend away to her parents' house - with the knowledge Pam's very strict her father Jack, (De Niro), Greg is understandably nervous and petrified of the probable retribution he will face.

Greg's luggage is lost on the plane, so has to endure the weekend in Jack's clothes - not a problem - if Pam's father didn't dress 1950's shop dummy! Jack, a masterful man, contradicted by his cozy attire gives nothing away, but needs to know everything. Nobody escapes his psychoanalyzing and devious tactics, especially not Greg.

Greg is led like a lamb to the slaughter.

with 'Jinx' the catDuring the weekend, the escapades develop into ridiculous, surreal events, giving the best comic book a run for its money for imbecility and absurdity! Pam's father who at first seems annoying, but relatively harmless, metamorphoses into a dangerous creature, with enough power to completely ruin Greg and Pam's relationship

The brilliant climax of the film brings relief to the long-suffering Greg, who endures so much misfortune and bad. Greg could do nothing to please the relented father who manifested situations to catch him out. But the unexpected happens; as if by magic all the crazy happenings and subplots are revolved and everything falls into place - you can almost hear a universal sigh from the audience as the penny drops!

"Meet The Parents" is fantastic satirical comedy, you'll laugh, you'll cringe, but most of all, you'll be entertained!

And of course, not forgetting the exceptionally funny banter, which persists throughout between Stiller and De Niro. But, the ingenious character depiction by De Niro is perhaps found most funny, by those who chuckle when they remember their own experience, when they "Met The Parents"!

Author : Max Willis Of