Double Take : Movie Review

Double Take would appear to be one of those low-budget comedies that are rarely screened for critics. That this one was may have been a mistake. Just about no one has anything favorable to say about it, although comedians Eddie Griffin and Orlando Jones receive good marks for trying.

"This ham-handed dud" is the way New York Daily News critic Jami Bernard describes it.

"It's a sticky mess of culture and politics," writes Gary Thompson in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Elvis Mitchell in the New York Times writes that the movie "steals chunks from so many other pictures that it's like watching the surveillance tapes of shoplifters at a Seven-11."

But Chris Vognar in the Dallas Morning News pays Double Take the ultimate left-handed compliment: "It's a movie for viewers who can't be bothered with such niceties as logic, story arch, characters, direction and pace. It is an impressive achievement of ineptitude. If Ed Wood were alive, he'd love it."

Author : Studio Briefing