School of Rock, The : Movie Review

A collaboration between indie auteur director Richard Linklater (Before Sunrise, Dazed and Confused) and taboo-pushing screenwriter Mike White (The Good Girl) shouldn’t feel so mainstream. But that’s exactly how The School of Rock plays. Content with the art house cred and critical praise they’ve each acquired, Linklater and White hitch their wagons to leading man Jack Black in a bid for wider acceptance, though their blasť overture receives a passing grade when it had the potential to move to the head of the class.

One look at Dewey (Black) and you can figure out the problems plaguing this bloated burnout. He’s broke and jobless. His heavy metal bandmates kick him out after a botched gig. And his roommate and long-time friend Ned (White, pulling double duty) threatens him with eviction unless he can provide some rent money. When a snooty prep school calls Ned with a substitute teaching position, Dewey assumes his roommate's identity and takes over a classroom of eager young minds.

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Author : Sean O'Connell