Freddy vs. Jason : Movie Review

Inevitably, it seems, movie monsters will meet and tussle. Back in the '40s, Universal pulled out all the stops by getting the Frankenstein monster, the Wolf Man, and Dracula together for The House of Frankenstein. In 1962, Japan became the battleground when Godzilla fought a lumpy furball that was supposed to be King Kong. Now, after years of false starts, the latest of these immortal battles has come to the screen. Freddy Vs. Jason pits Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund), the wisecracking dreamstalker from the Nightmare on Elm Street series against Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger), the disgruntled undead hockey goalie from the Friday the 13th series. The question is, are there enough fans left to care?

Discounting last year's Jason X (New Line's inaugural Friday the 13th feature), Jason and Freddy had been dormant for the better part of a decade. In that span, the only active card-carrying member of the Original Kings of Gore was Halloween's Michael (don't call him Mike) Myers. And, although the post-Donald Pleasance Halloween sequels weren't rolling in dough, they were profitable. So, once New Line was able to add the Friday the 13th franchise to their arsenal (they already owned Freddy's series), this movie became inevitable.

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Author : James Berardinelli