Hija del canibal, La : Movie Review

directed by Antonio Serrano, is based on a novel by Rosa Montero, La Hija del Caníbal. The film begins at the México City airport, where Lucía (played by Cecilia Roth), an author of children's books, and her spouse Ramón (played by José Elías Moreno), a Treasury Department official, are about to take a flight for a vacation in Río to celebrate the New Year in style. Just as the flight is called for boarding, Ramón excuses himself to go to the bathroom; when he does not return, Lucía inspects the bathroom in vain, and then returns home confused. Soon, a telephone call demands a ransom of $4 million. For emotional support, Lucía relies on friends in the apartment where she lives, Félix (played by Carlos Álvarez-Novoa) and Adrián (played by Kuno Becker). She collects the sum, follows instructions for the drop, but still her husband does not return. Although many filmviewers will immediately see a pattern, Lucía remains confused, so she goes to the police, who in turn search her apartment as well as the apartments of her two friends. Still not fathoming the obvious, she plays detective, visiting various government officials to try to track down her husband. The adventure, exhilarating for all three, exposes the arrogance and venality of officials in the government. Eventually, after Lucía is cleared on complicity due to her naivete, one official informs her that Ramón, as a Treasury Department official, had been pocketing millions and is now a wanted criminal. Incredulous, she continues to blunder her way along until she is forcibly taken to the place where her husband is hiding and learns the truth from him. Lucía, who has a brief fling with the much younger Adrián, is now able to enjoy a more interesting life and starts her first novel.