I Capture The Castle : Movie Review

Sophisticated but sheltered sisters learn about love, betrayal and compromise in this coming-of-age story set in England between the World Wars and based on Dodie Smith's (101 Dalmatians) complex psychologically astute young adult novel, first published in 1948. The Mortmain family lives in genteel poverty in a crumbling castle in the English countryside, to which they moved 10 years earlier following the enormous success of James Mortmain's (Bill Nighy) literary novel "Jacob Wrestling." But Mortmain has written nothing since, and the family's lives are in shambles. Under circumstances no one will discuss, Mrs. Mortmain (Helena Little) has been has been replaced by Topaz (Tara FitzGerald), who believes she is a muse. There's no electricity, the roof leaks and the rent hasn't been paid in two years. Mortmain himself has descended into eccentricity just shy of out-and-out madness, though nobody wants to say so.

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Author : Maitland McDonagh