Sinbad : Movie Review

Sinbad (2003)Though you wouldn't know it from "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas," the original Sinbad was a merchant from Baghdad, a truth-stretching, tale-spinning protagonist of the celebrated Arabian Nights. If he appeared on the scene today, he might be detained by John Ashcroft rather than appear as the hero of a new animated feature.

The latest version of "Sinbad" is a pleasure to look at. It's filled with fine, imaginative moves and an overarching sense of visual freedom, a feeling of play that entices us into enjoyment. But, when it comes to dialogue and story, this "Sinbad" apparently used up all its initiative changing its hero's ethnicity to generic Greco-Roman. There's little here that isn't overly familiar and formulaic, nothing that's even in the same arena with the eye candy of those vivid adventures.

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Author : Kenneth Turan