Jet Lag : Movie Review

Rose (Juliette Binoche) is an accomplished beautician traveling to Acapulco to flee her rage-aholic boyfriend. Félix (Jean Reno) is a chef who’s traveling to Munich to attend the funeral of his ex-girlfriend’s grandmother, much to the dismay of his former lover. In Danièle Thompson’s breezy romantic comedy Jet Lag, the two meet in a Parisian airport brought to a standstill by a public utilities strike, and it’s not long before these opposites realize that, despite their first assessments of one another, they just might be a perfect match.

No one should fret over the fact that I’ve just revealed the film’s ending, since all but the most novice filmgoers will deduce such a conclusion from Jet Lag’s opening moments, in which we find Rose – who, to top off a bad day that’s left her stranded indefinitely in the airport, has lost her phone down a toilet – asking to use Félix’s cell. Decked out in stylishly alluring attire and an abundant amount of make-up, Rose seems, at first glance, to be a somewhat trashy primadonna. However, despite her appearance, Rose has set herself down a life-altering path – finally seizing the opportunity to break free from her no-good boyfriend’s violent control – even though waiting for her flight provides numerous chances to give up the escape plan and return home, Stockholm Syndrome-style, to her tormentor.

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Author : Nicholas Schager