Hard Word, The : Movie Review

The Hard Word merely evokes a “whatever”--so average and uninteresting, it barely warrants discussion. Writer/director Scott Roberts builds his off-kilter caper with spare parts from every crime film made by the Tarantinos and Guy Richies of the world, and while the end product isn’t particularly offensive or insipid, it still never threatens to raise one’s heart rate above a temperate beat. Three wacky bank robber brothers, each boasting one defining character trait--Dale (Guy Pearce) is the suave leader suspicious of his conniving wife Carol (Rachel Griffiths), Shane (Joel Edgerton) is the hot-tempered but juvenile live wire, and Mal (Damien Richardson) is the lovably goofy cook--are released from prison with the help of their conniving lawyer/business manager Frank (Robert Taylor).

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Author : Nicholas Schager