Rain : Film festival winner gets UK release

Rain (2002)Thirteen-year-old Janey (Fulford-Wierczbicki) and her family settle into their isolated cottage for another perfect seaside holiday in New Zealand. While the children play on the beach the parents drink, bicker and host parties for other holidaymakers.

Janey is that awkward stage; no longer a child but not quite an adult.

She spends her days teaching her little brother how to swim, but at the parties she sits on the sidelines observing and judging the sexual tensions between the adults, in particular the flirtation between her mother, Kate, and handsome photographer Cady.

In turn Kate is threatened by her daughter blossoming into maturity and bored by her husband’s contentment with life. She responds to Cady’s admiration and - never the most domestic mother - turns away from her family to glow in her own re-awakened sexuality.

Janey challenges her mother for the attentions of Cady until the struggle for control reaches a tragic denouement.

Described by American Vogue as a ‘spectacularly sultry film’ this is a beautiful, provocative reflection on childhood and the transience of relationships.

Handsomely performed by the ensemble cast (newcomer Fulford-wierczbicki is a revelation), John Toon’s cinematography in conjunction with Neil Finn’s dark, atmospheric score lends the film a compelling and ethereal beauty.

Affecting, atmospheric and beautifully played, this brooding and provocative drama heralds a striking new talent in writer-director Christine Jeffs.
Gareth Evans, Time Out

Release Date: 20 June 2003
Cert: TBC
Running Time: 92 minutes
Distributor: Circuit Films

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