Laurel Canyon : About The Music

One of the primary challenges facing the "Laurel Canyon" creative team was how to handle the music that is intrinsically woven into the film. Analogous to the still photographs in "High Art," it was critically important that the "behind the scenes" music being created by Jane, Ian and the Band was credible to viewers as the work of major label artists. With Karyn Rachtman on board as Music Supervisor, the filmmakers undertook an extensive search for the songs that would play on camera, ultimately settling on two songs, "Someday I Will Treat You Good" and "Shade & Honey," both written by Mark Linkous, the creative force behind the critically acclaimed band "Sparklehorse. "

Lisa Cholodenko was delighted to learn that her first choice to play Ian, Alessandro Nivola, was not only an extremely gifted actor, but also an accomplished singer. Nivola sings on all of the on-camera tracks seen in the film, with backing both on-camera and in the studio pre-recordings by Folk Implosion. The songs were recorded over a four-day period at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, produced by Mickey Petralia a veteran LA record producer. To maximize authenticity, it was decided to use working musicians to play Ianšs Band on camera. Lou Barlow and his Folk Implosion bandmates were ultimately chosen after an extensive search. The current talent roster includes singer/songwriter Barlow (playing Fripp -- bass), Russ Pollard (Rowan -- drums) and Imaad Wasif (Dean -- guitar. ) Folk Implosion has been performing in various configurations for five years, to date recording four albums and provided the music for the controversial Larry Clark film "Kids. "

Linkous also appears in the film in an impromptu jam session at the Chateau Marmont, playing an improvised song with legendary producer Daniel Lanois (whose credits include U2 and Bob Dylan) and Beckšs bass player Justin Meldal Johnsen. Craig Wedren (Original Score) composed music as part of the four-piece band Shudder to Think from 1986 to 1999. Shudder to Think, which released six albums during its career, also composed the score for Lisa Cholodenko's ''High Art," Jesse Peretz's "First Love, Last Rites" with Giovanni Ribisi and a song for the soundtrack to Todd Haynes' "Velvet Goldmine. " He is currently hosting PROM, an experimental music party featuring bands such as Nada Surf, CEX and Wedren's new band BABY.

Author : Sony Pictures Classics