Crush : Story

Meet Kate:
SWF / Late 30's (ok, Early 40's). Never married, but marriage minded. Very attractive, smoker. American. Headmistress at a private school. Looking for someone who enjoys long walks on the beach, chocolate, gin, and spontaneous escapades in public. Younger men preferred.

Meet Molly:
SWF/ Early 40's (Doesn't look a day over 39). Divorced more than once but less than 5 times. Sexy prominent English physician. Against stereotype, pretty much enjoys doing anything in excess including gin, chocolate, cigarettes, and what have you. Enjoys weekly 'bitching' sessions with friends, and looking for someone to have fun with in between shifts.

Meet Janine:
SWF/40 plus. Divorced with son (not to worry he is grown up). Police inspector. Looking for someone who is not into game playing, romantic, funny and who isn't intimated by a strong woman. Hobbies include eating chocolate, drinking gin, smoking cigarettes, and gossiping with girlfriends.

Welcome to the deliciously sinful world of the ladies of CRUSH. Kate (Andie MacDowell), Janine (Imelda Staunton) and Molly (Anna Chancellor) happily engage in weekly rituals of gin guzzling, cigarette puffing, chocolate chugging and men trashing. They are practically successful women who share one common lament - their love lives - or lack thereof. But when Kate embarks on a passionate and capricious romance with a former student (Kenny Doughty), the strength of this female bond is interrupted, resulting in a devious counterattack by the other two members of the "Sad F***ster's Club. "

Writer/director John McKay's first feature-length film is a sharply observed ode to the triumphs and tragedies of women and the men that accessorize them. Witty, wry, provocative and touching, with breathtaking cinematography of an enchanting England, CRUSH is a captivating story revolving around the mysteries of love and the power of female friendship.

Author : Sony Pictrues Classics