Core, The : Movie Review

If I was to review The Core based on an objective set of cinematic criteria, it would likely score around one-half star (if I was in a generous mood). But such a rating would deny an inescapable fact about this film: at times, it is wildly entertaining. The Core is so howlingly awful that it has unwittingly found a place in that elite group of films that can claim to be "so bad they're good." It is certainly the case that many of the cinema's most horrendous endeavors are unwatchable. Not so in this case. If not for the bloated running length (at 2:13, it's at least 45 minutes too long), it would be easy to recommend The Core. For adventuresome souls who crave this sort of experience, it's worth a look. Bombs of this magnitude with such a high enjoyability quotient don't come along often.

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Author : James Berardinelli