Head of State : Movie Review

Why can’t Chris Rock make movies as funny as he is? This time, Rock doesn’t have an excuse not only does he star in the choppy Head of State, he directs and co-writes, too. Rock has given himself a premise that should have been perfect for his brand of satire: when a presidential candidate is killed in a plane crash, the party leadership (it’s never mentioned which party) plucks his earnest DC alderman, Mays Gilliam, to run a lost-cause campaign in a cynical attempt to gain favor with " the people " for future elections. But as in every movie that’s ever been made about a little guy running for prez, Mays gains a huge following by telling like it is. Not that this honesty ever deals with real issues rather, it takes the form of that vague, chickenshit " We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore " routine.

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Author : Mark Bazer