Core, The : USS Constellation

USS Constellation  (CV-64)Aircraft Carrier USS Constellation Makes Its Film Debut

The USS Constellation (CV-64), currently serving in the Persian Gulf, is not only one of America's greatest heroes, but it is also the biggest star in the history of Paramount Pictures' fleet of films. Featured in the studio's upcoming action-adventure, "The Core," Connie, as the aircraft carrier's crew affectionately calls her, weighs in at 88,000 tons and is 17 stories from keel to mast.

Home to over 5,500 courageous men and women now serving in the Gulf, Connie houses approximately 72 aircraft, which are brought up for launching to the 4. 5-acre flight deck in 4 massive aircraft elevators. And when the ship isn't travelling at up to 30+ knots, she drops her two, 30-ton anchors. .. But that doesn't mean the brave crew aboard this behemoth ever takes a break.

"We filmed aboard Connie for three days, and these sailors work round the clock," says "The Core" producer David Foster. "I came to feel a very close bond with these heroic men and women, who are serving our country and preserving everyone's freedoms. "

Starring Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci and D. J. Qualls, "The Core," directed by Jon Amiel, tells the story of how the world bands together to save the planet when geophysicists discover that the earth's geomagnetic field has entered a sharp and dangerous decline. Determining that the only way to preserve life as we know it, the United States, in concert with other world governments, sends a team of leading scientists and nuclear engineers on one of the most dangerous expeditions in humanity's history -- a journey to the earth's core. Also starring Richard Jenkins, Tchéky Karyo, Bruce Greenwood and Alfre Woodard, the film opens nationwide March 28th.

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